After 8 months of "word-work", we did huge "field-work"…thank you people!!

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   ( The creating concern activites in support of janlokpal )
We are hugely delighted to be back on the blogosphere!!

I am extremely sorry for a delayed post due to the huge involvement of creating concern in “Anna Kranti” and after that a few personal tragedies with me ensured that the post is delayed. So as you guys must be aware that creating concern ran a campaign in New Delhi and Raipur which was highly appreciated by patriots.

We created a revolution!!! 

Creating concern as a youth organization was involved in conducting seminars and workshops in schools and colleges, we ran an awareness program about the contents of Jan-lokpal bill and its importance!!……..we were also involved in street plays at crowd friendly places, press conference , debates, group discussions, candle marches and yeah!! anshan….u name it and we did it!! 10 days of sleepless nights and restless mornings made all the volunteers of creating concern a family in true sense. This movement truly shaped creating concern into a progressive “real world” organization. Lots of media coverage, Live shows, interviews and print coverage highlighted our efforts which was a morale booster for all the youngsters present with us. From street plays for the lower middle class to debates in malls for the uber-kewl class….we covered every individual possible. We were focused towards making it more interactive and thus we organized a confession rally at city mall in raipur, in which people present were asked questions regarding their encounter with corruption to their involvement in corruption and here are a few interesting answers we got –

Mr Ajay said ” I once fell into an open sewage tunnel which was lying open since past 20 days because local municipal body had “lack of personnel” to close it.

Mr Sameer said ” I went to a particular police station to lodge and F.I.R about the theft of phone and what i got was an innocent reply from the officer that “bhai what can we do if you haven’t seen the face of the thief… time be careful” .

Creating concern worked with India Against Corruption!! 

These were the kind of answers we got and this is a clear reflection of corruption prevalent in our country but we don’ need to worry because ” the government is serious about corruption and has expressed their condolence ” and i can assure you that the mobile was not stolen by Mr. prime Minister because he is an “innocent man” and he and his ministers are only concerned in stealing spectrum of mobiles and not actual mobiles.

Well Creating Concern has no plans to rest on its laurels and here we are back again for a fresh start and this time with a broader outlook and a reincarnated dialect we are here to stay……we are here to Create a Revolution……..

It’s a creating concern initiative to reincarnate the zeal and patriotism!! 
creating concern – join the revolution!!

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